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SuzipixXVideos Bot – Best Bot For Xvideos Cracked

[Image: xvdeos-bot-download.png]
[Image: rootjaz-xvideos-bot.png]
The best Bot for Xvideos, upload videos automatically up to 20 videos per minute. Get traffic for your porn website.
[b]Upload multiple Videos[/b]
Upload multiple videos by selecting a directory containing the videos to upload. Video details can be set in one of three ways
Title formatting, utilizing tokens and entered keywords
Single descriptions file
Mutitple descriptions corresponding to the video filename
Vote up your videos
Give your videos a little Ranking boost by some automated up voting. Specify the proxies you want to use, the number of votes to give each video (specify the minimum/maximum values and a random value between the two is used)
Video URL scraping from accounts
Select the accounts to use and click the Grabbed URLs button. XVideosJazz will log into each account and scrape the list of Video URLs for all LIVE videos
Create Accounts
Automatically create accounts for you to upload videos to. XVideosJazz will use random profile information whilst signing up and has proxy support so you can rest assured your accounts will be long lasting
Bulk Download from XHamster.com
Bulk download videos from XHamster using the XHamster Download Bot functionality found within XVideosJazz
Proxy Scraper
Need proxies for account creation? For upvoting your videos? Don’t want to purchase a separate proxy scraper? Then look no further, included free of charge a web site proxy scraper function. The proxy scraper allows you to add additional websites allowing you to add other sites allowing you to harvest even more free public proxies
Proxy validator
We all know public proxies come and go and sometimes do not even work, or worse yet, work but pass on your IP! XVideosJazz includes a proxy validator so you can feel safe the proxies you are using are adequate for your needs. Not only that, you can test the validated proxies have not been blacklisted by XVideos.com
Import / Export
All your data belongs to you. You can import / export everything including…
Videos URLs
Database Storage
XVideosJazz stores your data in an encrypted database structure. If you want to shut down the application, it can restart all processes currently queued up for processing. All processes can be redone, retried if failed, paused or cancelled.
Captcha API Support
Have the signup / login captchas solved by the following APIS.
Death by Captcha
By Pass Captcha
Human Coder
Multi Threaded pure sockets application
Tech speak for damn fast [Image: 1f642.svg]
*** Disable antivirus before installing the program to allow installing the Crack. **
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