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B567EEEWhy You Should Buy A Ceramic Coffee Mug Instead

Why You Should Buy A Ceramic Coffee Mug Instead

    Buying paper or plastic mugs is a habit that people should break. It kills the planet. You can’t reuse these mugs and

the constant need for new ones is bad for the environment.

    If you’ve ever tried reusing your disposable coffee mugs you’ll find that after two to three uses your coffee tastes

like whatever material your mug is made of—and that’s usually not good.

    Plastic mugs suffer from the same taste degradation over time, it’s not just paper. Many kinds of plastic start leeching

chemicals into the liquids they contain. Even if we assumed this is not harmful to your health (I really hope it isn’t!), it

still affects the taste of your coffee in a bad way. Personally, I decided to banish plastic mugs from my life and even bring

a nice ceramic mug camping these days.

    Now, if you’re wondering about metal coffee mugs, do they affect coffee taste in the same way? Unfortunately they suffer

from similar problems—once the coating on the metal wears off I found my coffee started developing a musty and oddly

metallic taste. Not good…

    (Also I don’t want to know why it didn’t taste like that initially I guess the coating must’ve dissolved in my

coffee and I drank it? Well, maybe I got lucky and it happened while cleaning instead. Anyway, not a great experience at


    Like many computer programmers I drink a lot of coffee (and I love it). I eventually came to accept that ceramic is the

only material that doesn’t affect the taste of my coffee in a bad way.

    Ceramic bowl is an inorganic and nonmetallic

material that hardly reacts with anything. And this makes it perfect for coffee snobs like me. When it comes to reuse

the great news about ceramic mugs is that—if you don’t break them by letting them fall on the floor—they pretty much last

forever. And they don’t make your coffee taste like papery crap.

    I also think that owning a kick ass coffee mug enhances the creative process for software developers. I found that it

helps if the appearance of your coffee mug speaks to you in some way.

    Author and software developer (and now the VP of Engineering at Slack!) Rands shares this sentiment:

    “A great cup of coffee is not just a gorgeous caffeine administration vehicle; it’s part of your creative posse.” —

 Rands in Repose, VP of Engineering at Slack

    I love this quote. A great coffee mug for hackers and coders needs character. It needs to have personality. Whenever I

sit down in the morning to take the first sip from one of my gorgeous coffee mugs made here at Nerdlettering, it feels


    Reaching for the mug. Holding the cup in my hand, filled to the brim with hot beautiful coffee… Feeling the weight.

Stopping for a moment to savor that feeling and getting ready to start the day.

    Paper mugs just don’t create the same experience for me.


    Hot Paper Cups vs. Ceramics Mugs


    Both coffee and tea are favorite beverages consumed extensively in many places worldwide. Pass by any restaurant, and you

will see crowds enjoying the drinks either in pairs or fours. There are those that love it in a ceramic mug and others that

prefer hot paper cups. The containers have a double layer of insulation to protect your fingers from the hot tea or

coffee. This wall also keeps the drink warm for a long time while also providing you with a comfortable grip on the cup. What

gives paper cups an edge over ceramic cups?


    No harmful effect on the environment

    Paper decomposes and does not degrade the environment. With environmental watchdogs piling pressure on governments to act

on global warming, using eco-friendly packaging material resonates with good practices. On its part, a

ceramic plate if it breaks and falls out of use, will

end up in a landfill where it can stay intact for decades. If disposed of in recyclable material bins, wasted hot paper

cups will most certainly turn into a new cup or another product.

    They provide a convenient way to drink

    Drinking from a disposable paper hot cup affords you the comfort of carrying away the beverage. You can drink

while shopping, seated on a bench in the park or when driving. The container is lightweight allowing you to carry it wherever

you wish. If you have other luggage with you, a takeaway cup will not hinder you from moving the luggage. Conversely,

ceramics require that you enjoy the coffee but leave the container behind. Restaurant staff will clean and have it ready for

the next customer.

    You get an advertising platform

    Advertising on paper cups has benefits for companies both large and small. All you should do is discuss the terms with a

coffee outlet owner. They then allow you to promote your products or services by printing ads on disposable coffee cups.

Besides, you can get your business message across to a broad audience since hot paper cups are easy to carry. On

the other hand, branding a paper cup is not as costly as having the same graphics done on

ceramic plate and bowl.

    Weight and non-spillage

    Hot paper cups are incredibly light, and that is one quality that makes it appropriate for takeaways.

Ceramic tea sets are massive in comparison and most ideal

for reuse. If you are having renovations at home or in the office, you can quickly drive to the nearest coffee shop, grab a

few cups for the technicians and drive back. You will not have any spillage, and the renovation crew gets to enjoy their

drink while it is still hot. You could also ask for home delivery and get to enjoy similar benefits.

    Lids for spillage prevention

    Unlike ceramic tea cups, hot paper

cups come in different types of covers. If you are having tea or coffee on the go, then this is the container to choose.

The liquid inside remains intact and does not spill easily. A ceramic mug does not offer this comfort. Use it in your car,

and you will end up with drops on your seat. You might even stain your clothing.

    No cleaning problems

    The aspect of mugs, like ceramic tea pot, that

requires one to clean them for the next usage can be costly. At most, you need a dishwasher at your establishment. The

equipment consumes a lot of water and needs someone to man it. Unlike the mug, hot paper cups are not bothersome. Once you

serve a client, they either take the container away or throw it in a waste bin. You do not remain with the burden to clean.

    Insulated hot paper cups can either serve tea or coffee. The material used in their manufacture is not usually

toxic to the environment. If the cup ends up in a landfill, exposure to weather elements causes it to decompose. On the other

hand, when these cups go to a recycling plant, they help make other products or the same cups as before. A paper cup is very

light an aspect that enables you to carry it anywhere. Businesses find using hot paper cups as local media outlet

through which they can advertise at minimal costs. These cups have lids too and do not require costly cleaning processes.

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