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Many students are tormented by the question of how to correctly formulate the topic of their graduation work. Some of them are even tasked by their supervisor to come up with a theme for their graduation thesis. In this article, we will talk about how to choose and formulate the topic of the final qualification work.
First, let's look at the original data. The ultimate goal of each student is to obtain a scientific degree and continue working in the specialty received. Based on the information received, you will be able to decide on the topic of your Ph.D. thesis, and from it you can derive the topic of your graduation project.
1. At the first stage, you should collect several books on the theory of scientific work in the library. Study them and get acquainted with the content. In addition, you should study dissertations buy term papers already defended in your specialty over the past few years. This is done so that your topic of scientific work is not repeated. Also, don't forget to look at publications in magazines and newspapers over the past few years.
2. The next stage is the formulation of several titles for your future dissertation. After that, you should find out which of the scientists is engaged in similar topics, what scientific works exist on the chosen topic. It is quite possible that one of the scientists will become your supervisor or opponent in the defense of your dissertation.
3. The most important point in choosing the topic of your dissertation is the choice of a supervisor. Remember, this choice should not be approached formally or emotionally. After all, it is with this person that you will have to communicate very closely for several years. And it is on this person that the successful completion of the defense of your master's thesis depends.
4. The supervisor of your master's thesis must be a responsible, demanding person and meet all the criteria. It is very important that your chosen topic is close to the scientific interests of your leader. As a result, he will be able to provide you with real scientific guidance and provide qualified support.
5. After choosing the topic of the master's thesis, you should look at the related literature and study it. Then send to coordinate the topic with the supervisor. It is best to do this in a personal meeting, and not by correspondence, because only in a personal meeting will you be able to assess the interest in this topic of your supervisor.
6. In the event that your supervisor dismissed or approached your chosen topic formally, then you should refuse such a supervisor. If the supervisor is trying to impose his own topic on you, then you should find out if you made a mistake with the wording of the chosen topic of the master's thesis. It may be that you will be asked to change the topic due to the fact that you do not fully understand the scientific problem, or maybe the person you contacted is trying to use you in their own interests. In any case, you should defend your interests and your point of view, as well as impose the topic that interests you most.
7. Sometimes there is another factor when a student or a graduate student does not care what topic to write a master's thesis on.

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