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robotoThe Ultimate Play Piano By Ear Course Easy Piano Lessons

[Image: a3537ad9ba72f4424e58324a7e65107f.jpeg]
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 48 KHz
Language: English | Size: 5.80 GB | Duration: 5h 3m
Learn to Play the piano in weeks. Beginner to Intermediate Level Course with a fast approach to playing in All Keys

What you'll learn
This course will get you playing the piano or keyboard by ear from scratch without prior knowledge
With the easy systems and techniques demonstrated in this course, you will sound like a pro in a short time with tips, tricks and hacks
You will learn to read chord charts and Translate into all 12 keys with the number system.
You can play all your favourite songs and even play them in any key of your choice
No pre-course requirements
Plan to practice 15-20mins daily to see huge progress after the first few lessons
Students may skip the first few lectures if they have the prior knowledge
This is a great course for people who need a quick but well-structured system of learning to play the piano or keyboard by ear. In this course, you will be exposed to easy and quick systems that will help you play the piano easily in all 12 keys. No prior music knowledge or piano knowledge is required to take this course. You will learn to play common piano chords and progressions and easy systems needed to take those progressions into all 12 keys.With the knowledge obtained from this course, you will be well equipped to play in different music styles. e.g. Gospel, Rock, Pop, RnB, Jazz, Salsa, etc.What some students say about this course:James BreenI am 38 years old and have always loved Piano music so i decided to just try an online course to see if I can make heads nor tails of all the keys and how to use them! , I find Kingsley to be a wonderful tutor and explains everything so well and in a great cheerful relaxed manner I have watched this course a lot of times and I am now at a much better place with piano than i was 5 Weeks ago Totally recommend this course to anyone wanting to learnKngVery easy & precise instructions! Going over this helped me discover the missing pieces to my theory: the lessons are very well organized and he does a great job of showing the root to the madness which now i dont view as madness!! i would recommend to any musician who feels like they are at a plateau. Thanks!Isaac KlewiahI came into this course with absolute zero knowledge about piano or any related instrument and I must say this course was exactly what i needed to get me started. I find the course setup very interactive and the instructor makes it really easy to comprehend the lessons. I am super excited and glad that I signed up! If you are a beginner like myself, looking to start from the basics, this course is definitely for you.
Section 1: Introduction to the Piano and Basic Chords
Lecture 1 Introduction to the Keyboard
Lecture 2 The Major Scale
Lecture 3 Major Scale Fingerings
Lecture 4 Major Chords
Lecture 5 Minor Chords
Lecture 6 Let's Get Social
Section 2: Learn to Play song progressions
Lecture 7 The 1, 4 & 5 Chords
Lecture 8 The 2, 3 & 6 Chords
Lecture 9 Let's Play Some Songs
Lecture 10 Diatonic Chords of the Major Scale
Section 3: Lets's take It A Step Further
Lecture 11 The Add2 Sus2 and Sus4 Chords
Lecture 12 Slash Chords
Lecture 13 Improved 3 & 7 Chords
Lecture 14 Basic Rhythms
Lecture 15 Chord Inversions and Its Applications
Section 4: Almost there!
Lecture 16 Right Hand Patterns
Lecture 17 Left Hand Patterns
Lecture 18 Introduction to Melodies
Lecture 19 Using the Sustain Pedal
Lecture 20 Reading Chord Charts
Lecture 21 Transposing Chord Charts into Other Keys
Section 5: Pre-Intermediate Lessons
Lecture 22 The 1-5-6-4 Chord Progression
Lecture 23 The 1-5-2-4 Chord Progression
Lecture 24 Lesson 22 - Play All Your favourite songs with only 4 Chord types
Lecture 25 Lesson 23 - Adding Fills between Chords
Lecture 26 Lesson 24 - Targeting the 3rd - Part 1
Lecture 27 Lesson 25 - Targeting the 3rd - Part 2
Beginner Piano Players,People with passion to learn the piano but no prior knowledge on Music,Piano players interested in playing piano by ear


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