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World Cooking An Introduction - roboto - 07-16-2022

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Last updated 6/2021
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World Cooking

What you'll learn
Learn how to cook homemade world recipes
Learn how to make 3 courses
Learn how to cook world renowned dishes
World cooking
To want to learn and to enjoy the process
You will be able to cook new foods from around the world for friends and family
Be able to cook new homemade world recipes
I will be teaching how to make some of my all time favorite dishes from across the globe. These will include starters, mains and desserts. I will be using many organic products and meats as this is what I am interested in. It is really tasty yet also very healthy and I find the benefits and flavors to have been worth many a fun weekend preparing food recipes and cooking for others. This course will be your own journey of well being and deliciousness. My knowledge of healthy eating has come from a variety of sources which of course started with my love of cooking. Through sharing food and travelling I have gained my culinary skills. I do love traditional recipes, however I also change them or create new ones if I so feel to. My main objective has been to increase my own awareness of what foods I put into my body and how this can benefit me as well as the society I live in.My knowledge of products has expanded from my eagerness to always try new recipes, which are tasty, homemade but most importantly beneficial for my health. My mother which is a great part of my inspiration for writing this book, bought a piece of land in the country-side a couple of decades ago, so I have grown up with fruit trees, nut tress, olive trees, fruit and vegetable planting, herbs and various types of oils. I have accumulated knowledge from living and working on the land, this has been an extremely enjoyable process. I am passing on my years of dedication and love through this course.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 World cooking an Introduction Piglets in blankets and organic Beef enchiladas
Lecture 2 Starters Organic Beef Gyozas and Caesar salad with wild red rice
Lecture 3 Mains part one Japache with organic beef and Baked sweet and sour chicken
Lecture 4 Mains part two Organic lamb cous cous and Mussel linguine
Lecture 5 Desserts Blueberry cheesecake and Banoffee crumble
Everyone interested or passionate,You can be at any level and take the course at your very own pace,All students that have an interest or desire to learn to cook,Beginner to advanced


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RE: World Cooking An Introduction - jackleachhh - 03-18-2023

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